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Inspirational! Hunan University security brother dragon painting more than 30 years end personal exhibition


University security guard on campus has always been a "magical" groups: Tsinghua Library "rub" classes admitted to the University; Peking University security team has more than 500 security exams; Sun Yat-sen security self-study English for overseas students to recruit Chinese marry back Swedish wife ... ... Hunan University also has a "legendary" security Jiangsheng Xi, he fell in love with the 9-year-old dragons, tireless for more than 30 years, was finally Hunan University PhD supervisor Chen Feihu received as "non-disciple." Today, Hunan University held a personal "Longtu" art exhibition for him.

Into the old library in Hunan University exhibition hall, more than 90 pairs of different shapes of the dragon picture vividly. One of the largest "Sky City", length 1.2, width 0.8 meters, took 3 months to complete.

Jiang Shengxi is the security of Hunan University office building. Since the age of 9, he began to write and graffiti letters and graffiti, has so far painted more than 30 years of dragon, writing hundreds of pieces. Jiang Sheng-sheng told reporters that the shape of the dragon, symbols, he mainly rely on the imagination to complete, and even he was pondering the image of the dragon sleeping. From deer noodles, tiger beard, zombie, to scale, Eagle scratching, Dragon Ball, etc., are all his carefully drawn. From ordinary A4 paper to a meter tall paper, from water-based pens, brush, pen, to highlighter, ball-point pens, paint pens, Jiangsheng Xi constantly trying to create "dragon play beads", "Fire Dragon", " Long Ying Zhaohui "and a variety of rich and varied works.

Born in Huaihua Chenxi River Kangxi, childhood love painting. In 2005 into the Hunan University security team. Also here, the little-known "Maxima" encountered "Bole" in his life - Professor Chen Feihu, a doctoral supervisor at the School of Architecture. Under the guidance of "master", Jiang Shengxi made breakthroughs in the shape, color, composition and drawing materials of the dragon, making the dragon figure more colorful and more flexible in form.

Chen Feihu, vice chairman of Hunan Artists Association and a professor and doctoral tutor at Hunan University of Architecture, praised the knight-errant "dragon figure": "Every piece has a different composition, different colors and different colors Gesture, not the same combination. "

Professor Chen Feihu said in the preface of Jiang Shengxi's Works Collection: "Its significance lies not in his works, but also in the fact that we should see that outside of institutions of study, outside of experts, and outside of what we recognize as the so-called artist group, indeed There are a number of artists who can not be ignored. "

Many people commented that the motivational story of university campus security tells us: Anybody can be a legend if you work hard.