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Men write paper jam desk robbery 2000 yuan teller security intelligence to take the thief


Three minutes away from the thief in mind


Middle-aged man came to the bank lobby, through the counter will be written with a small piece of paper robbery, handed over to the bank teller Shuxin Zhong Shu-ting, Zhong Shuting while stabilizing each other and the small note secretly passed to the colleague alarm.


Vigilant security guard has been behind the man and found the situation in time to flee, want to subdue the man, while Shu-Ting Shu Shou robbery attracted attention.


The bank staff and a number of citizens conducting business in the bank lobby stepped forward and subdued the man before the police arrived.

The day before yesterday, at about 3 pm, someone suddenly handed a small piece of paper saying "robbery" in a bank of China's Agricultural Bank near Meihuayuan in Baiyun District. Fortunately, the face of unexpected situations, the staff wit to respond, in the concerted efforts of the suspects.

Surprised: Do not take a business to write a piece of paper to write the counter desk

"He just ran into the bank from the side door, I feel not quite right." Bank security Week Brother told reporters. He said that the man looks more than 40 years old in his more flirtatious look and is in a trance. After he walked into the lobby, he did not take any number nor did he ask for it. He walked straight to the filling station and took a list and wrote it. "I was a bit skeptical, so I kept watching him." Brother Zhou found that the man did not fill in a sheet of paper but wrote something behind the sheet of paper and folded it up after writing, as if he did not want to see it. Let week big brother more vigilance.

Soon, the man walked to the bank counter and handed the note. Shuxing sitting inside the counter clerk, initially, she did not pay attention to what men want to do, just tell each other to do business need to line up. "I did not expect him to open the note to me, I just opened the note." Surprisingly, this note reads "robbery, immediately send out 2,000 yuan." Zhong Shu Ting heart sank, looking at the paper jam man, the other also smiled at him.

Calm: request to send teller teller delay of 2000 yuan

Although this "wonderful" picture and she heard that the vicious "robber" is very different, but she did not neglect. She is well aware of what she does, and if she does something wrong, the consequences will be disastrous. Centered thousands of times back in the heart, Zhongshu Ting abnormal performance has always been calm. "I saw this man first. He had his right hand hidden in his arms. He did not know if there were any weapons. Then I looked around the lobby and found that women who had children had the most fear of provoking him to host the hostages."

However, let Zhong Shu-Ting feel at ease, at this point, Big Brother Security Week has been vigilant to stand behind the man not far, "when the most important thing is to stabilize his emotions, try to delay the time." Recalled At the time, Zhong Shu-ting is still very calm. So, she quietly handed the notes to the duty leadership, so that colleagues secretly alarm; one began to fight "Tai Chi", and the man dealt with.

"I asked him if he had a bank card or a passbook and I could deposit the money in his card." At that time, the man believed that he did not have a bank card, but brought his ID card. "I asked him to give me his ID card. I asked him to check whether he had a card."

Response: everyone concerted efforts to subdue the suspect man

Zhong Shu Ting stabilize the man at the same time, behind the security week brother is slowly approaching the man. When the distance between the big brother and the man narrowed to the point where he was able to subdue the opponent, he immediately rushed forward. Bank monitoring screen shows, 15:52, weeks while not preparing his eldest brother, opened the side of the stool, intend to hold hands against each other's hands, did not expect men of strength, struggling. Soon, several bank staff also stepped forward, hold down the hands and feet of men. At the same time, Zhong Shunting shouted "someone looting" and several people who did business in the lobby immediately realized what happened. Someone handed the rope and someone helped the man. Finally, with the concerted efforts of all, the man was succeeded uniform.

"During the scuffle, I found out that a stick had dropped out of his clothes, and I did not know if it was a weapon, but he had not been able to pull it out and was subdued by us." Brother Zhou seemed relieved to say so .

Subsequently, the man was taken away by the police station. Afterwards, the reporter learned from Baiyun police that the suspect man has now been controlled and the incident is still under investigation. According to the police, bank staff who assist in assisting gangsters will be rewarded.


Do not handle business alone at night

In fact, occasional robberies at banks have been reported. In response, Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China Park Branch Director Zhou Qiuming introduced during the day, the bank security guards around the inspection, asked the customer, one to help customers solve the problem, in case of emergency, but also timely detection. He suggested that when the ATM room at night no one patrols, the proposed public do not handle business alone