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"Big head shrimp" mistakenly throw the Apple security sanitation Shuitou turn trash recovery


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Downstairs to throw the trash, but the newly bought Apple mobile phone accidentally thrown away the trash, 40 minutes after returning to think of home, hurriedly ran downstairs rubbish bin rummage, but the trash has been cleared to go . At about 8 pm on June 17, Aunt Lee, who lives in Prayu New Village, Panyu District, encountered such a heart-breaking affair.

Distraught Lee aunt helplessly help to the district security, cell security did not hesitate to come immediately to the trash transfer station with Aunt Lee, pouring a few tons of rubbish rubbed the rain finally found the phone. When Aunt Lee expressed gratitude for giving money, both the security guard and the sanitation workers declined this intention.

"Big head shrimp"

Mishandled mobile phone when the trash

June 17, torrential rain, about 8 pm, who lives in the blessing New Village Moon Mingxuan Street Li aunt downstairs litter, the result accidentally with the hand on the other handy bag with a cell phone is also thrown inside Aunt Lee is not long before buying an Apple 5 phone, worth a few thousand dollars.

After returning home 40 minutes.Aunt Lee wanted to call her daughter, the result has searched the home not to see the cell phone trace, call with Mr. cell phone also did not hear the sound of the phone. "Will not just throw away when throwing up rubbish, right?" Mr. reminder to Aunt Lee heart surprised, dropped a "finished! Really rubbish lost!" Ran downstairs looking for.

Garbage does not stay overnight

The owner is late

When Aunt Lee arrived downstairs beside the trash can, I found the bucket empty, just throwing the garbage has been cleared away. According to the principle of "garbage does not stay overnight," community sanitation workers will take away the last litter of garbage at about 8 pm every day to ensure a clean and tidy living environment.

"So late, rubbish will be transported where to go?" Aunt Lee anxious, she quickly went to the neighborhood guard to the night shift security guard.

On duty security foreman Chen Gang understand things passed, while comfort Aunt Li do not be too anxious, while contacting the sanitation department to clean up garbage colleague.

"Sanitation workers clean up the rubbish blue soil incense was to go to the car refueling go, he told me the garbage has been shipped to the garbage transfer station in the village of Luo. I told him the situation, saying that the household mobile phones when the rubbish threw As a result, he did not say anything else, immediately agreed to go to the refuse transfer station to help find a cell phone, he let us go first, he then arrived. "Chen Gang said.

Security guard sanitation workers

Reluctant to turn the garbage mountain

That staff members going to the transfer station to find their own cell phones, Aunt Lee both happy and moved: "The day was raining, so late, they are really good!" Chen Gang wearing a raincoat, driving a motorcycle at Lead the way, Aunt Lee and Mr. drove followed, did not take long to rumored transit station.

But when they saw the rubbish that piled up on a hill, they were shocked. "So much rubbish how to find ah? Rain!" Aunt Lee said she saw the scene at that time, to retrieve the phone no longer have much hope.

Azalea came later in time, he probably pointed out that the location of dumping garbage transported from Moonlight Xuan, there is a specific location there is hope. Several people with hoes, shovels tools, raised their sleeves to see the garbage rain, a bag are not let go, one by one carefully looking, but turned a long time or nothing.

Until 20 minutes later, Aunt Lee suddenly found a pile of rubbish in a bag of rubbish like dumping their own garbage bags, "cell phone certainly in this neighborhood!" Aunt Lee took his cell phone call Aunt Lee's cell phone number, The front litter flashing light, Aunt Lee and Chen Gang slowly open the trash, the phone finally found. Due to the good sealing of the plastic bag, the phone is intact and undamaged.

Enthusiastic to help the neighbors

Decisive rejection of thanks

After returning home, Aunt Lee rushed to the booth and made a special trip to express their gratitude to Chen Gang and blue soil. Aunt Lee said that two staffs in the district took such heavy rain to help her retrieve their mobile phones and wanted to give them some money to express their gratitude, but they were declined by Chen Gang and Lan Toudiang.

"They said that this is their duty, I only go to the management office praised them, community owners have said Chen Gang is a good person, very enthusiastic, often praised by the owners." Aunt Li said.

"These are our work, certainly can not ask for money!" Yesterday, Chen Gang said he was very happy to help residential owners.